Magnus Hakvåg is CEO at House of Knowledge, providing strategic guidance and expertise on a global scale and developing innovative solutions such as Serious Games and on-demand bite-size e-learning modules covering IP, innovation, and standardisation. These resources are customizable to meet the specific needs of companies across various industries.

Magnus is a distinguished expert in the protection of competitiveness, specialising in intangibles, intellectual property (IP), standardisation, innovation, and strategy. With over 20 years of experience, Magnus has played a pivotal role in educating both students and executives World wide on IP/IPR and standardization. He has also contributed significantly to standardisation initiatives, serving as a member of the Joint Initiative for Standardization and DG Grow - AAstaRT.

Magnus's commitment to climate change and sustainability is evident through his participation in the ISO TMBG CCCC, advising ISO on Climate Change within the innovation domain. Additionally, as the Convener of WG2 Terminology at ISO TC 279, Magnus works with global organisations such as WIPO, WTO, OECD, and the World Bank, contributing to initiatives like the OECD Oslo Manual 4th edition.