Silona Bonewald is the Founder and President of Leadingbit Solutions, where she is driving the development of CitableAI, a platform empowering the open-source community with cost-effective solutions for project development and validation. Silona has extensive experience in Open Source governance, including roles such as Executive Director of the IEEE SA OPEN platform and Vice President of Community Architecture at Hyperledger.

She is renowned for her innovative contributions, she has coined phrases such as "Citability" and "Codeathon," now widely recognized in various dictionaries and on Wikipedia. Among her notable achievements, Silona authored a booklet on the InnerSource Process at PayPal. She created an eCommerce website for Siemens AG in 1998, setting a new standard for secure online shopping and Six Sigma compliance. Moreover, Silona created an iPhone app for teaching music theory, which quickly soared to the top spot in the App Store's Education and Music categories within its first week of launch.

Silona is deeply committed to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within various tech communities, including Open@RIT, CHAOSS, InnerSource Commons Foundation, and many others. 

I’m interested in because...
I have the possibility to learn and share professional development and keeping up with advancements in the EU
For me, open standards have an impact on...
Open Source, open work, Governance, Better Policies, and greater understanding on the world wide stage